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Kragos Technologies offers totally innovative solutions for your Web Design and Hosting needs. This includes domain name registration, web site design hosting and maintenance. Kragos Technologies provides an inexpensive way to reach target markets. Our customers can choose from selected packages or web page design, web site design, banner ads, web page ads or customized web design.

Kragos Technologies pledges to provide the customer with

Clear and Concise content
Eye catching designs and images
Substantial information to assist visitors in ther buying decisions

 Kragos Technologies has a

High impact web Page Design and Layout 
Online Catalog Layout
Custom order Form Production
Java Scripting
CGI forms and GIF Animation
Database Connectivity

Kragos Technologies site-hosting service assures that the site is always secure for e-commerce transactions. It ensures that the customer's information is available to his audience 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

At Kragos Technologies, a team of dedicated professionals is ever ready to work with the customer to establish a schedule of updates or to create the tools to enable site update from your own premises. No other Internet company works harder for the customer or has more innovative solutions than Kragos Technologies.

The innovative range of hosting services includes:

  • Secure e-commerce business solutions
  • FTP file serving
  • Secure co-location - Your server utilizes our backbone
  • Dedicated or Shared hosting
  • Our web site designs offer high visibility to your market targets through eye catching graphics and excellent writing content to attract your visiting customers
  • Full features and highlights of your business needs and preferences with optional monthly updates - the way you want your message sent

It is paramount that your information operates in a stable environment. If the server is prone to frequent down time, or is bogged down with dial-up connections, it invariably leads to frustration. Kragos Technologies, therefore, assures you that your visitors will always find your site available.

Hosting services

All web sites need a home. You can host your site on our server space. We will manage and administer your site so that you need not worry about Internet relations other than updates.
If you wish to place your site on another server other than ours, we can arrange for such services through their support server at low monthly costs. This means you would have to obtain your own domain name. If you wish to host your web site on your own server, we would be pleased to transfer it at no extra cost. You will also have to administer your web site yourself. If you are not happy with your current provider, we can transfer your domain or non-domain site to our server at no charge and can develop a new web presence marketing program for you.

Kragos Technologies E-Commerce Services can help you develop an e-commerce strategy to take advantage of the opportunity presented by the Internet. Kragos Technologies can help you develop e-commerce systems that integrate:

Category Management
Shopping basket
Order and Credit card Processing

Multiple stores can be maintained by one central administrator or specific store functions can be delegated to sub-administrators.

Our e-commerce hosting plans allow you to start selling your products and services on the Internet in no time. Our packages are designed to help companies establish stronger ties with customers and business partners by implementing proven, ready-made, and reliable electronic commerce strategies.
Our plans are competitively priced and are designed to give you maximum results from your online storefront - and your technology investment.

Our solutions are organized as a series of modules that can be field upgraded to provide new functionality without changes to the core system.

We also provide hosting for your site with a secure server for commercial transactions; and offer complete merchant financial services including credit card Merchant Accounts and Internet Gateway Accounts.
We have the experience, respond promptly, have satisfied customers, and our business exists to serve yours.

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